Eggplant. Yah or Nah?

Eggplant also called "Igba" by the Yoruba's, "Afufa" by the Igbo's, Solanum melongena by the botanists is a spongy textured vegetable with a bitter taste but with a great taste and aroma if consumed with a pot of stew. It is generally called garden egg. It is widely consumed by the elderly and young due … Continue reading Eggplant. Yah or Nah?



Yes you read correctly, Water. Water is the most common liquid on Earth plus the most abundant. In chemical terms, we'll say water is made up of 2 molecules of Hydrogen and 1 molecule of Oxygen. But, in a layman's word, I would say water is what makes up life. For most of my early … Continue reading A GLASS OF WATER

Caffeine Alert.

RIP to Davis Cripe, a 16 year old that died an hour after consuming 3 different caffeinated drinks at once....


Its 10am and Tamuno is still snoring in bed, I’m five minutes awake and tempted to wake her but think against it, knowing how grumpy she get when she’s woken abruptly, nah! I don’t think I can put up with her grumpiness today. My phone starts to ring and I rush at it, it’s definitely … Continue reading WORLD OF A RECLUSE 7


We arrive at South Africa in good time; Tamuno and I are still not speaking to each other. I must confess, the airport is super beautiful and I can’t help but stare in awe. Not restraining myself, I start to take selfies, and I drag Tamuno for a few too, nobody knows me here after … Continue reading WORLD OF A RECLUSE 6


World of a recluse is the story of a girl who shut the whole world out. How she turned from that sweet little girl into one and how she's trying to get back to that sweet girl she once was. This is her 'Diary'.

Why you should not take a combination of vitamin C and PET drinks: The fact.

Wonder how some Nigerians carry news ehn...once we hear a gist or news, we just start broadcasting it without doing our own research....we don't even care to know if its false, true or overexaggerated.....can you imagine what a friend said concerning the coke and Vitamin C saga....I quote "Coca cola company produce poisonous drinks just … Continue reading Why you should not take a combination of vitamin C and PET drinks: The fact.