Ways of Preserving Mango all year round

Mango fruit is that one fruit I know majority of Bowen students can die for. During mango season you’ll see guys and ladies carrying buckets and poly bags, some even go to the extent of climbing the tree. I know of a lady that can go any mile just to get that sweet, succulent and juicy  property in one fruit. Even with the rate at which this fruit is being consumed, some of them still end up in the bin. Not because we want to be wasteful but because we can’t eat all. And then it’s the end of mango season. No more mango, now we wait for the coming year. Though there are different ways of preserving fruits, but can mango be preserved? Can it be stored for long?

Yes and yes. Here are some methods of preserving the fruit to last till another season Continue reading Ways of Preserving Mango all year round

DIY Rice Milk

Plant milks are becoming so popular that they are now used in place of cow milk. This is because they could be used for infant and adults with lactose intolerance as well as for vegetarian or others who like to consume dairy products free from cholesterol. Plant milk can be gotten from a lot of sources like grains (barley, oat, rice), legumes (pea, soya, peanut), nuts (almond, cashew, coconut, hazelnut) and seeds (sesame seed, sunflower seed). Continue reading DIY Rice Milk

Rice- Uses, benefits and its Underutilization in Nigeria.

Rice is an economic crop of the Oryza family with over 20 different varieties (List of rice Varieties). The Oryza sativa and Oryza glaberrima are those cultivated in Nigeria. It is important in household food security, ceremonies, nutritional diversification, income generation and employment. Continue reading Rice- Uses, benefits and its Underutilization in Nigeria.

How to Stay Motivated — MakeItUltra™

“Sometimes adversity is what you need to face in order to become successful.” ~ Zig Ziglar 1. Reflect on your progress It always feels good to reflect on how far we have come. We can easily get caught up looking to the future only to base our happiness on finishing the next big project. Do we really want to wait until […]

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Knowing your Food Ingredients


There’s been this battle in my house for a while now. It’s on my intake of Maggi. Mum says it will damage my health, dad says it will change my body chemistry, I say it is harmless if consumed wisely. So I did a little research after getting tired of the argument (cos I lose all the time, lol.). In my research I found out that a lot of people go with my parents with no backings, just theories and just a few actually go with me with backings. Now I’m going to summarize what I have learnt from both sides, I don’t wanna bore you with scientific jargon (apology to my colleagues out there). Continue reading Knowing your Food Ingredients

Making That Decision


Making the right decisions comes with a lot of pressure as we don’t know if it will make us or mal us. Life sometimes leaves us with though decisions to make and tough calls to decide. “Should I turn right or left? What will happen if I turn left? What if I were to turn right?”, these are questions we ask ourselves all the time and some even end up confused and frustrated. For those of us who find ourselves in the middle of what or what not to do, here is an advice for us;

First, write it all out because you can make anything by writing (C.S Lewis). What are you to write? Well for a start try writing out the positives and/or negative things surrounding such a decision on a piece of paper (separately though). Then, weigh your options. Usually, this is done by looking at your lists and judging which is more than the other. If the positive side gets an upper hand, go for it, but if the negative side has an upper hand you might want to decide on something else (if you don’t na on your own oooo).


Now the risk has been taken, you’ve weighed your options and gone ahead with it, what happens next is taking responsibility. It’s time to dance to the beat you played.

So before you make any decision in life, think well of the outcome and be sure to take responsibilities of your actions. If you can’t, just let it go.

Understanding Food Addiction

Being a food addict means being dependent on the good feelings gotten from consuming certain foods (usually common with high palatable foods such as sugar, fat, and salt) which often results in a continuous need to eat, even when not hungry.

Main causes of food addiction

  • biological;

– hormonal imbalances,

– abnormalities in various brain structures,

– side effects of certain medications,

– family history.

  • psychological;

– emotional abuse,

– sexual abuse,

– victim/survivor of traumatic events,

– inability to cope with negative situations in a healthy way,

– chronic low self esteem,

– experiencing grief or loss.

Chronic self esteem
  • social;

– disturbance in family functions,

– pressure from peers,

– pressure from society,

– social violation,

– child abuse,

– stressful life events.

What happens when one is addicted to food?

  1. One eat more than you can tolerate physicallystk466792-e1406582676363-300x300
  2. You eat till the point of feeling ill
  3. You go out of your way to obtain certain foods
  4. You eat in secret or isolation
  5. You notice a decrease in energy
  6. You find it difficult to concentrate
  7. Start having sleep disorders
  8. Restlessness
  9. Everything becomes irritable
  10. Headaches
  11. Digestive disorders
  12. Suicidal ideas

Effects of food addiction

  • Physical effects which include;

stroke, heart diseases, diabetes, obesity,malnutrition, chronic fatigue, chronic pain, reduced sex drive, sleep disorders, headache, kidney/liver failure, osteoporosis.

  • Psychological effects which include;

low self esteem, depression, panic attacks, increased feeling of anxiety, emotional detachment, suicidal ideas.

  • Social effects which include;

decreased performance at work, decreased performance at school, isolation from loved ones, division within family units, loss of interest in activities, avoidance at functions, jeopardizing finances, jeopardizing career.download-8

How to treat an addiction (food).

  • Psychotherapy
  • Support groups
  • Nutrition therapies by a nutritionist
  • medication such as antidepressants


In conclusion, addictions though interwoven can be controlled a step a day and can as well be triggered by just a bit of it. So as such, never deal with addictions alone, it only create more fear and isolation. Get appropriate help today.