Random Post

So two of my friends came visiting with their female partners and we decided to go out on a picnic along with my little cousin brother. We set off to a quiet and beautiful beach with everything we needed and ofcourse a nice meal. After chatting for a few minutes, we decided to eat and it was then we realized that not a piece of cutlery was packed. So, I told my little cousin to go get it while we wait, but he replied with disapproval saying; “I know you want to trick me so you can eat the whole thing before I come back”. I promised him we will wait till he returned, but he disagreed. After so much persuasions and promises, he agreed to go. We played, gossiped, engaged in competition with others and soon we were hungry and decided to eat, but my cousin was yet to be back. We struggled to wait for another an hour but no it was unbearable, so we decided to take a bit of the now cold food just to suppress the hunger. Na so my cousin appear from behind tree shouting “I said it, I knew you would eat the food before i return. I’M NOT GOING AGAIN”.

Honestly if it happened to you what would you have done to your cousin? Leave a comment below.


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