They say; “a journey of a thousand miles begins with a step”, so did hunger in Nigeria begin its journey in the 1970s’ when oil came into spotlight. The government has since then neglected the agricultural sector and encouraged the importation of food, causing a reduction in farm practices.Even the little ones that still practice farming gets 80% of their produce wasted. The agricultural sector now experience a huge setback even though billions of naira gets budgeted for its development every year ( you know our politicians na), now no one wants to farm because we consider farming as a poor mans work. Then conflict with boko haram came in the Northeastern part(the part supplying most of the food) of Nigeria, leaving a large part of the population without access to enough food, water and health services. All this resulted into two things “low productivity and more consumption”, the only thing Nigeria depended on as a source of revenue (oil) was ridiculed as competitors stormed the market, increasing the cost of living. Now, eating a good meal has to do with how rich you are. So that’s how hunger, which started as the size of a mustard seed is now fully grown and rooted.

What needs to be done;

  • corruption must go

    focusing on agriculture

  • provision of funds by both the government and NGO’s
  • educating the farmers  about preharvest, harvest and postharvest practices
  • encourage home gardening
  • conflicts must be stopped (one can’t be creative and destructive at the same time)
  • bridging the gap between the rich and the poor
  • give to another, instead of wasting
  • increase productivity
  • reduce importation

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