Making That Decision


Making the right decisions comes with a lot of pressure as we don’t know if it will make us or mal us. Life sometimes leaves us with though decisions to make and tough calls to decide. “Should I turn right or left? What will happen if I turn left? What if I were to turn right?”, these are questions we ask ourselves all the time and some even end up confused and frustrated. For those of us who find ourselves in the middle of what or what not to do, here is an advice for us;

First, write it all out because you can make anything by writing (C.S Lewis). What are you to write? Well for a start try writing out the positives and/or negative things surrounding such a decision on a piece of paper (separately though). Then, weigh your options. Usually, this is done by looking at your lists and judging which is more than the other. If the positive side gets an upper hand, go for it, but if the negative side has an upper hand you might want to decide on something else (if you don’t na on your own oooo).


Now the risk has been taken, you’ve weighed your options and gone ahead with it, what happens next is taking responsibility. It’s time to dance to the beat you played.

So before you make any decision in life, think well of the outcome and be sure to take responsibilities of your actions. If you can’t, just let it go.


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