DIY Rice Pap

I did it I did it I did it. **dancing**


don’t mind my photography #nonprofessionals

Was supposed to give the how to make rice pap last week, but I din’t want to give a copied one, so I did my own pap in a food scientist way.

My Recipe

1 cup of rice

Lots of steeping (soaking) water

Boiling water

Milk (optional)

Sugar (optional)


  1. Soak the cup of rice in water twice its level in the container for a period of 36-72 hours (I used 52 hours. Intention was for 48 hours but there was no light to grind, so I had to extend my soaking hours)
  2. Drain out the water (by now it smells of fermented rice)
  3. Blend that grain into a smooth paste
  4. Sieve out the particles leaving just a white liquid behind
  5. Allow the liquid to settle, then gently remove the clear liquid, leaving a white slurry
  6. Take as much of this slurry as you need and add boiling water (just as pap from corn is being made), or
  7. Pour the slurry on a tray and let it dry out in the sun

    me drying my slurry #nonprofessionals
  8. Package the powder in a plastic bag away from water (anytime you need it, you just add small water to form a slurry then u follow procedure 6)
  9. Add milk and sugar to taste (optional)

Viola! You rice pap is ready for consumption


Your pap should look like this. my own was watery cos thats how I love my pap



During steeping, try and change the water every 6 hours

In case you don’t like the smell after fermenting that long, you can just soak with warm water for 24 hours.


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