DIY Pepper Spice

Microbes like humans always look for an environment to thrive irrespective of what it is, and foods have not been an exemption. Going through the refrigerator sometimes last week I was so shocked to see moulds already winning and dining on these beautiful peppers;”ball pepper and red pepper” (there has not been constant light supply, and we actually forgot we still had them). My first instinct was to thrash it cos it was so not going in my tummy, but then as a food scientist, I had to think of something to salvage the situation.  Here’s what I did;

First, I boiled half a kettle of water, then poured it on the pepper. After a while, I drained off the water, rinsed the pepper well and then poured another round of hot water. The first treatment should have been enough to kill and blanch the pepper but just to be certain I killed those microbes, I had to treat a second time.

After treatment, I spread the pepper on a tray and set out to dry under the sun. That took like three days though, but it was worth it

Lastly, I blended the dried pepper with bullion cube (I used half of Knorr for mine). Once done I packaged it in a dry nylon. The blending varies on how you want the spice, either powdered or not.


My result was a ready to use tasty pepper spice. I used some of it this morning in frying egg and it was deli.

Note: This does not apply in all situations oo. In cases where the entire seed is covered with mould, don’t salvage oo, cos there is nothing to rescue again, the whole nutrient is gone.

Sorry I could not show you pictures, no means to get that for now. I hope I have shared a little if not much. Thank you.