Visibility and Reality

Sometimes, people often say that everything of man isn’t all spiritual. They argue that
there lies a link between the “spiritual-ness” and “physical-ness” only in a few numbers of things.  Everything of man has a source-GOD and this implies that, there is always a link or relationship between the “seen” and the “unseen”  According to scripture, every
seen that was created, was by the “unseen”.

However “visibility” and “reality” are not the same.  Every visible thing is real and not all real things are visible.  “Unseen” birth forth every “seen” and the real though not visible begets the visible. Ideas are the mother of invention Ideas are “captured” but inventions are “seen”  Finally, God-The Almighty is the creator of the universe and that implies “all things” Genesis 1 & 2  2nd Corinthians 4

God Bless Us.




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