Walking in another man’s shoes

I must admit the old saying “don’t judge a man until you’ve walked a mile in his shoes” is right.

Man to other: 'You don't really know what it's like until you've walked a mile in another man's scandal.'

You know, I’m what you can refer to as an extrovert or an open book as most my friends call me. But then I decided to be someone else, well I thought since I was going somewhere new, where no one knew me, why not try and be an introvert.Yeah! easier said than done right?. I tried sha, but God it was so depressing (shout out to all the introverts reading this, I hail thee). My first 7 days in camp was about me and me alone, like I was practically on my own, no friends and wasn’t mingling either, just a regular routine of sleeping, meditating, going through physical drills morning and evening with a 30 mints nap in between, and going to church. At first the feeling of observing and absorbing my environment was so great but then it gradually changed into something not so great, as I was getting lonely. I became frustrated as I have never been this disconnected from people, me! a talker transmitting to a listener, God that wäs like trying to pass elementary algebra….but then after eight days of living as an introvert I gave up this little challenge of mine. The next day, I got up, changed my routine from super boring to super cool, and it was like magic. “I was back”; I told myself, and for the remaining 13 days of camp I could find my steps without aching, it was so good to be back in my shoes again.

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