My week starts with a call from Tamuno. She sounds excited, well I’m excited too.
“Mirabel!” She screams from her end. If someone were listening, they’d think she just won a lottery.
“T!” I scream back returning her excitement.
“I’ve missed you”, she pronounces it as “milzed” I smile. Tamuno is four months older than I am, but a lot more childish, annoying too. Charming as she is Tamuno she could also be a pest, more like a pest you couldn’t live without. You know how annoying puppies could be but somehow still win you over with their cuteness; that’s a perfect definition of T.
“Baby, mama has missed you more” I mimic her pronunciation of “missed” and we both giggle. “How was your trip?” I added
“It was okay, stressful but okay. I’m on my way to work sef”, Tamuno and I graduated same year, supposed to have served together too. In fact, we had planned on working it to the same state but I had issues, not academic issues; I’m a smart ss. I actually deferred because of Segun. Yeah, love for me isn’t just blind, it’s dumb, deaf and ……stupid. She is done with service and also got retained at her firm, and while she is in the labor market I still hold the “graduate” title, pathetic huh? I know.
“Babe oya gist me, how did it go with Almighty Desmond” she laughs.
“Well, it wasn’t so bad, wasn’t so good. It was normal sha. He took me to a lounge ordered beer and I water.
“Wait, he drinks alcohol. Really?”

“Yeah, he does”
“I thought you didn’t like alcoholics”
“One bottle T, ok two. That doesn’t make him an alcoholic now. Anyways, we talked and we kissed.”
“You don’t sound excited about the kiss, was sup with that”
“Well, I wanted to feel sparks you know, like how I felt with Segun or Denzel or even Anthony”
“OK, there was no spark with Denzel , I remember you spitting all night and even brushing your teeth twice, and you could stay two days without brushing your teeth twice, and you could stay two days without brushing your teeth, my God Mirabel you used to be a pig” we are both laughing hysterically.
I gain composure first, “it was my first abeg, free me.
“Uhh, you complained he had mouth odor and you were sure you had his saliva in your mouth”
“That’s enough now, ok cancel Denzel. Anthony’s kiss was good”
“That’s the only thing you were after, that guy was ugly sha. Ok no one is ugly, he wasn’t near presentable. I still can’t get over his face Mimi, especially when he dyed his hair red…” she is roaring out laughter and I can’t help but join in; I feel tears in my eyes and wipe them off. “Imagine, being so dark and dying your hair red, what was he even thinking? Then he said he worked with a law firm while he was only an undergraduate”
We are both laughing so hard; I could imagine the look on her cab man’s face. I dated Anthony in my third year in school; it wasn’t really a relationship though. He was tall, skinny and dark; he called it ebony Tamuno called him burnt: she’s so childish; I thought he was cute though, like Rich Homie Quan. We dated for a year and some months but saw each other just six times, he had no motivation to see me, he’d always tell me he was busy at work till I found out he was writing post UME exams.
“Don’t over-analyze Mimi, just let things fall into place. If he chases you hard enough, let him catch you. And what about Segun, you gave him two years of your life and he married someone else. Take your mind off it now”
I sigh, maybe I wasn’t totally over Segun, and then I remember Desmond, “He was 20minutes late, didn’t open the door for me, walked in and left me behind and my sandals got stuck to the foot mat and this annoying couple laughed at me”
“I have to go now, I’ll text you when I’m free, Kisses (she said in Falz’s voice). I hear the phone click, she was gone. I sit on my bed and time knew best as it slipped from my arms and flew.
It’s Wednesday and Desmond hasn’t called yet, not even a text from him. Can someone really be so busy? This makes me think of Anthony. I don’t know why but I keep picturing him on a white horse, in a white suit coming towards me with a bouquet just like Tamuno said she had imagined Anthony, I laugh at this thought each time it hit me. Tamuno and I are definitely birds of the same feather, it’s no wonder we flock together.
Another Friday night and as usual I get a call from T, it’s definitely about another party and who would be there. I’m a little reluctant; she always made me feel like I was letting time pass without savoring its taste.
“T, you should really stop calling me with gist and details about your Friday night escapades, grow up would you?” it’s the first thing out of my mouth and I don’t feel sorry until I hear her tone.
“I wish, I’m home” she sounded tired, so unlike her.
“Are you okay?” I asked with concern.
“I’ll be fine, I’m just stressed. Has he called yet?”
“Desmond? No he hasn’t. He is probably busy you know, hustling and stuff” I try to laugh but it sounds more like gaggling”
“No, he’s not. At least he could text. Anyway, it’s his loss”
“Awwww, you think so?” I ask smiling.
“No, did I just say that? No! But he’s a jerk though”.
“He’s cute, he can be anything he wants to be and girls would still dig him”
“Being cute is not an excuse to treat people bad though”
“He hasn’t treated me bad you know, you think I should call him?”
“Oh yes please, maybe he got hit by a bus and screaming at the nurses right now like, Help! I want to talk to Mirabel, my life depends on it”
I shake my head at her imagination, “do you think through the things you say before they come out of your mouth?”
She chuckled and went silent for a few seconds, “sometimes, I honestly don’t”, she starts to giggle and I join in,“You are better than this though” I hear her say from her end, and I picture her serious face and choke down laughter.
“Idiot, thanks babe, we should go out this weekend”
“Yes, main reason I called. I finally got my leave; we should take a trip or something. What do you think of South Africa?”
“Xenophobia land!!” I exclaim.
She hisses from her end, “Xenophobia is old gist, I don’t think it exists anymore. Don’t be like that, would you come with me? Consider it a vacation-like thingy. You know you and me…huh?”
“It is a vacation and I don’t want to spend the whole time scared rather than relax and why do you sound like a man wooing a lady?
She laughs, “Is it working?”
“No, I’m not that jobless T”, actually I am, no job, no source of income, red account, I could go on and on with this list. Right now I have no idea of what I want to do with my life, one reason I’ve been avoiding the social media and staying indoors, seeing people living big and flaunting it was enough to make me want to jump off a pedestrian bridge,don’t get me wrong, I like seeing people happy but its better seeing people happy when you are also happy. “I’m not that jobless T” I repeat.
“Yes you are, I’m sure you’ve been hovering around your phone like a hen to her eggs waiting for Desmond’s call. You need this more than I do, what do you say?”
“Oh no I wasn’t he should go to hell for as long as I care, anyway I’ll think about it”
“Common, don’t be a sissy, it’ll be fun. You’ve been hidden for too long”

“Ok then” I sigh, she’s right I guess.
“Yaaaay! I’ll make the arrangements then. We are going to South Africa!”
I’m not enthusiastic about the journey though, my mind still on why Desmond hadn’t called. Truth is, I do need the trip to take my mind off a lot of stuff, Tamuno is still screaming at her end. I would kill to be so happy.
“T”, I finally say and get her attention immediately. “Do you think Desmond would ever call or is worth this stress?” I hear her sigh, “Time would tell, only time would. But to be honest, I don’t think he is worth the stress, he obviously doesn’t have you on his mind, maybe he does, I don’t know but you’ve had a crush on him for over a year, get over yourself missus. Just take your mind off it, we are going to South Africa be happy!”
She is right though, maybe Desmond isn’t worth thinking about, but in the meantime, I have a trip to plan!!! South Africa here we come!!!




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