Eggplant. Yah or Nah?

Eggplant also called "Igba" by the Yoruba's, "Afufa" by the Igbo's, Solanum melongena by the botanists is a spongy textured vegetable with a bitter taste but with a great taste and aroma if consumed with a pot of stew. It is generally called garden egg. It is widely consumed by the elderly and young due … Continue reading Eggplant. Yah or Nah?



Yes you read correctly, Water. Water is the most common liquid on Earth plus the most abundant. In chemical terms, we'll say water is made up of 2 molecules of Hydrogen and 1 molecule of Oxygen. But, in a layman's word, I would say water is what makes up life. For most of my early … Continue reading A GLASS OF WATER