Eggplant. Yah or Nah?

Eggplant also called "Igba" by the Yoruba's, "Afufa" by the Igbo's, Solanum melongena by the botanists is a spongy textured vegetable with a bitter taste but with a great taste and aroma if consumed with a pot of stew. It is generally called garden egg. It is widely consumed by the elderly and young due … Continue reading Eggplant. Yah or Nah?


Caffeine Alert.

RIP to Davis Cripe, a 16 year old that died an hour after consuming 3 different caffeinated drinks at once....

Why you should not take a combination of vitamin C and PET drinks: The fact.

Wonder how some Nigerians carry news ehn...once we hear a gist or news, we just start broadcasting it without doing our own research....we don't even care to know if its false, true or overexaggerated.....can you imagine what a friend said concerning the coke and Vitamin C saga....I quote "Coca cola company produce poisonous drinks just … Continue reading Why you should not take a combination of vitamin C and PET drinks: The fact.

What you stand to gain by eating banana with groundnut.

I love taking chocolates not because its sweet, but because of the pleasure I derive from it....especially the way my heart melts when it dissolves on my tongue.....God that feeling is bae, but then the rise in dollar has separated us (sad). In my quest of finding myself a new love, I came across this two … Continue reading What you stand to gain by eating banana with groundnut.

Knowing your Food Ingredients

There’s been this battle in my house for a while now. It’s on my intake of Maggi. Mum says it will damage my health, dad says it will change my body chemistry, I say it is harmless if consumed wisely. So I did a little research after getting tired of the argument (cos I lose … Continue reading Knowing your Food Ingredients

Understanding Food Addiction

Being a food addict means being dependent on the good feelings gotten from consuming certain foods (usually common with high palatable foods such as sugar, fat, and salt) which often results in a continuous need to eat, even when not hungry. Main causes of food addiction biological; - hormonal imbalances, - abnormalities in various brain … Continue reading Understanding Food Addiction


Food as defined by Codex Alimentarius Comission is any substance whether processed, semi processed or raw, which is intended for human consumption. It includes; chewing gum, drinks and any substance which has been used in the manufacture, preparation or treatment of food. Food poisoning results from the indigestion of contaminated food or water that contains … Continue reading FOOD POISONING