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What you stand to gain by eating banana with groundnut.

I love taking chocolates not because its sweet, but because of the pleasure I derive from it….especially the way my heart melts when it dissolves on my tongue…..God that feeling is bae, but then the rise in dollar has separated us (sad). In my quest of finding myself a new love, I came across this two friends (banana and groundnut). Though at first, it seemed odd and insane to combine both, if it were roasted plantain (Boli) and groundnut now I concur, but this…no freaking way was my reaction. But then you can never know the feeling of something until you try it. I can never forget the first time I tried these babies, it was gross……but then a friend taught me the right way of combing them (eating both together at once, thus allowing the juice to melt on your tongue before swallowing), my God it was awesome. I blessed God for bringing both together and for giving me the priviledge of meeting both. But then as a food scientist, my curiousity set in….what do people tend to derive from this combination? which is complementing which also?

Even Peter Obi…former governor of Anambra State knows that feeling

So I did my homework and here’s a summary of what you tend to get by combining these two friends;

Apart from fibers which are associated with reduced risk of heart diseases and faster digestion process you tend to get;

  • potassium which helps the body to maintain normal blood pressure and heart functions. Also help with learning by making you more alert
  • vitamin c
  • manganese: helps in the breakdown and digestion of foods
  • vitamin B6
  • vitamin B3 which helps to support the body metabolism
  • copper
  • biotin
  • carbohydrate, needed for energy
  • protein
  • fat
  • phosphorous
  • zinc

In summary I’d say, eating banana with groundnut is not only bae but highly nutritious with both complimemting each other.



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Walking in another man’s shoes

I must admit the old saying “don’t judge a man until you’ve walked a mile in his shoes” is right.

Man to other: 'You don't really know what it's like until you've walked a mile in another man's scandal.'

You know, I’m what you can refer to as an extrovert or an open book as most my friends call me. But then I decided to be someone else, well I thought since I was going somewhere new, where no one knew me, why not try and be an introvert.Yeah! easier said than done right?. I tried sha, but God it was so depressing (shout out to all the introverts reading this, I hail thee). My first 7 days in camp was about me and me alone, like I was practically on my own, no friends and wasn’t mingling either, just a regular routine of sleeping, meditating, going through physical drills morning and evening with a 30 mints nap in between, and going to church. At first the feeling of observing and absorbing my environment was so great but then it gradually changed into something not so great, as I was getting lonely. I became frustrated as I have never been this disconnected from people, me! a talker transmitting to a listener, God that wäs like trying to pass elementary algebra….but then after eight days of living as an introvert I gave up this little challenge of mine. The next day, I got up, changed my routine from super boring to super cool, and it was like magic. “I was back”; I told myself, and for the remaining 13 days of camp I could find my steps without aching, it was so good to be back in my shoes again.

Visibility and Reality

Sometimes, people often say that everything of man isn’t all spiritual. They argue that
there lies a link between the “spiritual-ness” and “physical-ness” only in a few numbers of things.  Everything of man has a source-GOD and this implies that, there is always a link or relationship between the “seen” and the “unseen”  According to scripture, every
seen that was created, was by the “unseen”.

However “visibility” and “reality” are not the same.  Every visible thing is real and not all real things are visible.  “Unseen” birth forth every “seen” and the real though not visible begets the visible. Ideas are the mother of invention Ideas are “captured” but inventions are “seen”  Finally, God-The Almighty is the creator of the universe and that implies “all things” Genesis 1 & 2  2nd Corinthians 4

God Bless Us.



How to Stay Motivated — MakeItUltra™

“Sometimes adversity is what you need to face in order to become successful.” ~ Zig Ziglar 1. Reflect on your progress It always feels good to reflect on how far we have come. We can easily get caught up looking to the future only to base our happiness on finishing the next big project. Do we really want to wait until […]

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Making That Decision


Making the right decisions comes with a lot of pressure as we don’t know if it will make us or mal us. Life sometimes leaves us with though decisions to make and tough calls to decide. “Should I turn right or left? What will happen if I turn left? What if I were to turn right?”, these are questions we ask ourselves all the time and some even end up confused and frustrated. For those of us who find ourselves in the middle of what or what not to do, here is an advice for us;

First, write it all out because you can make anything by writing (C.S Lewis). What are you to write? Well for a start try writing out the positives and/or negative things surrounding such a decision on a piece of paper (separately though). Then, weigh your options. Usually, this is done by looking at your lists and judging which is more than the other. If the positive side gets an upper hand, go for it, but if the negative side has an upper hand you might want to decide on something else (if you don’t na on your own oooo).


Now the risk has been taken, you’ve weighed your options and gone ahead with it, what happens next is taking responsibility. It’s time to dance to the beat you played.

So before you make any decision in life, think well of the outcome and be sure to take responsibilities of your actions. If you can’t, just let it go.


They say; “a journey of a thousand miles begins with a step”, so did hunger in Nigeria begin its journey in the 1970s’ when oil came into spotlight. The government has since then neglected the agricultural sector and encouraged the importation of food, causing a reduction in farm practices.Even the little ones that still practice farming gets 80% of their produce wasted. The agricultural sector now experience a huge setback even though billions of naira gets budgeted for its development every year ( you know our politicians na), now no one wants to farm because we consider farming as a poor mans work. Then conflict with boko haram came in the Northeastern part(the part supplying most of the food) of Nigeria, leaving a large part of the population without access to enough food, water and health services. All this resulted into two things “low productivity and more consumption”, the only thing Nigeria depended on as a source of revenue (oil) was ridiculed as competitors stormed the market, increasing the cost of living. Now, eating a good meal has to do with how rich you are. So that’s how hunger, which started as the size of a mustard seed is now fully grown and rooted.

What needs to be done;

  • corruption must go

    focusing on agriculture

  • provision of funds by both the government and NGO’s
  • educating the farmers  about preharvest, harvest and postharvest practices
  • encourage home gardening
  • conflicts must be stopped (one can’t be creative and destructive at the same time)
  • bridging the gap between the rich and the poor
  • give to another, instead of wasting
  • increase productivity
  • reduce importation


So I was asked to give a writeup on “Food wastage in Nigeria and how it could be reduced”, but I wrote on this instead and though it’s yet to be accepted by whom it was demanded, I can’t just keep this information to myself anymore.

So talking about food wastage in Nigeria, yeah Nigeria (cos though I’m concerned about the world, I’m more concerned about my motherland). So to the gist at hand;

80% of foods produced in Nigeria is wasted due to post harvest loses (no be me talk am oooo….na Professor Stella Williams). According to UNEP and the World Resource Institute (WRI), about one third of all food produced worldwide gets lost or wasted in food production and consumption system and Nigeria is not excluded as we lack postharvest practices and control over our unhealthy food practices. Just to buttress these points, I’d like to use a typical tomato market and mango field as a case study (Nigerians should relate better).

A typical tomato market has its floors littered with mashed tomatoes, and some close to rotten tomatoes all over the place. Mango fields are the most littered places during its season, you find lots of mangos on the floor with no one to pick them up. These later rots and end up being packed into the bin. This cycle amongst others is one that repeats itself over and over again. And to crown it all up, we (the consumers), derive great joy in scrapping our plates into the bin (yeah, I know I’m guilty too). Lack of post-harvest practices and lack of control over our unhealthy food practices are the two main causes of food loss in Nigeria.

Well the question still remains, “How can it be solved?” Food loss can be solved by encouraging the use of the 3 Rs’ (Reduce, Reuse, and Recycle).

Let’s reduce the rate at which we scrape foods off of our plates (don’t take more than you can chew) and also lets shop wisely (don’t buy what you don’t need). The farmers and sellers should be provided with modern techniques of preserving perishable farm products which include; better harvesting, storage, packaging, transport, infrastructure, market mechanisms, thus reducing post-harvest loses.

Let’s encourage food reuse culture, afterwards leftover foods can be eaten once preserved well through proper storage. For example, storing fruits and vegetables in the refrigerator can help retain its freshness.

Foods like yam, cassava, pineapple, vegetables, and pepper amongst others can be recycled by replanting or by processing into other products. Every home should be encouraged to cultivate its own little garden, that way instead of wasting we can regrow.

In summary, food wastage is a virus that has been in the world’s system for a long time, it has been crippling some world’s economy (like Nigeria) and at large resulted in food insecurity, but it can be killed by reducing, reusing and recycling.