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Caffeine Alert.

Caffeine a central nervous stimulant, is one of the most abused (directly or indirectly) stimulants today. It is commonly found in energy drinks, soft drinks, caffeinated and decaffeinated coffee, some over the counter pills and the rest. Though, consuming caffeine helps prevent some disease and certain cancers by serving as protective agent, but consuming a harmful dosage of it can be harmful or worse lead to death of an individual. According to Mayo Clinic, “up to 400 milligrams of caffeine a day appears to be safe for most healthy adults”. That is the equivalent of around four cups of coffee



Coke addicts, coffee addicts,energy drink addidcts please beware of this little angel but big devil….its fun consuming it but the baggage that comes with it aint so much fun, that’s if you survive it…. Unfortunately Davis Cripe did not.

Late Davis Cripe (may his soul rest in perfect peace), a 16-year old boy, having consumed 3 caffeinated drinks (a large Mountain Dew, a latte and an energy drink) collapsed in class under two hours.  According to sky news report; “It was ruled that the student died after his heart fell out of rhythm due to the amount of caffeine ingested into his system over such a short period of time. And it was believed that the last drink caused the cardiac arrhythmia (irregular heartbeat) which led to his death an hour later”.

To the Cripe family….I’m sorry for your loss. To the rest of us still living, please its time to take precautions towards our caffeine intake as we do alcohol and/or cigarretes.

Why you should not take a combination of vitamin C and PET drinks: The fact.

Wonder how some Nigerians carry news ehn…once we hear a gist or news, we just start broadcasting it without doing our own research….we don’t even care to know if its false, true or overexaggerated…..can you imagine what a friend said concerning the coke and Vitamin C saga….I quote “Coca cola company produce poisonous drinks just for Nigerians as it contains one chemical found in the drinks produced for our market only”…..I was so annoyed that I felt goosebumps all over my skin….Honestly, the first thing that came to my mind when I read the warning issued by the federal high court was, why would someone take a combination of both in the first place?….I for one never knew Vitamin C was bitter enough to need a soft drink to push it down the throat…..some people though.


Benzene is used as a preservative in most food and drink products in the form of sodium, potassium or calcium benzoate. Benzene is hazardous due to the carcinogenic nature of the benzene molecule which is formed from the decarboxylation of the preservative (benzoic acid) in the presence of vitamin C, iron or copper under heat or light.

Foods with this preservatives are safe provided you and the retailer are cautious enough… Never buy or drink a soft drink that has been allowed to sit under the sun, especially those containing these chemicals. And please Vitamin C is not bitter….lick it like that.

Also be careful with the way you consume chemical products….consume with caution….different people has different chemical compositions and thus react to things differently…..To those who love taking drugs with drinks……please use water…..that’s still the best.

What you stand to gain by eating banana with groundnut.

I love taking chocolates not because its sweet, but because of the pleasure I derive from it….especially the way my heart melts when it dissolves on my tongue…..God that feeling is bae, but then the rise in dollar has separated us (sad). In my quest of finding myself a new love, I came across this two friends (banana and groundnut). Though at first, it seemed odd and insane to combine both, if it were roasted plantain (Boli) and groundnut now I concur, but this…no freaking way was my reaction. But then you can never know the feeling of something until you try it. I can never forget the first time I tried these babies, it was gross……but then a friend taught me the right way of combing them (eating both together at once, thus allowing the juice to melt on your tongue before swallowing), my God it was awesome. I blessed God for bringing both together and for giving me the priviledge of meeting both. But then as a food scientist, my curiousity set in….what do people tend to derive from this combination? which is complementing which also?

Even Peter Obi…former governor of Anambra State knows that feeling

So I did my homework and here’s a summary of what you tend to get by combining these two friends;

Apart from fibers which are associated with reduced risk of heart diseases and faster digestion process you tend to get;

  • potassium which helps the body to maintain normal blood pressure and heart functions. Also help with learning by making you more alert
  • vitamin c
  • manganese: helps in the breakdown and digestion of foods
  • vitamin B6
  • vitamin B3 which helps to support the body metabolism
  • copper
  • biotin
  • carbohydrate, needed for energy
  • protein
  • fat
  • phosphorous
  • zinc

In summary I’d say, eating banana with groundnut is not only bae but highly nutritious with both complimemting each other.



Nutrients for a Handful of Unsalted Roasted Peanuts:

25 Powerful Reasons to Eat Bananas:



Knowing your Food Ingredients


There’s been this battle in my house for a while now. It’s on my intake of Maggi. Mum says it will damage my health, dad says it will change my body chemistry, I say it is harmless if consumed wisely. So I did a little research after getting tired of the argument (cos I lose all the time, lol.). In my research I found out that a lot of people go with my parents with no backings, just theories and just a few actually go with me with backings. Now I’m going to summarize what I have learnt from both sides, I don’t wanna bore you with scientific jargon (apology to my colleagues out there). Continue reading Knowing your Food Ingredients

Reason why you should start taking the new Farm Pride Yogurt.

So I was told about this new yogurt made by Farm Pride yesterday. My friend couldn’t stop talking about it and how it’s a product made here in Naija, so i bought it  (he did actually), and after having a taste of it, Lord it was soooooooo nice. Trust me when i say that, cos I am very hard to please and also I’m not a yogurt fan. Sincerely, I was expecting it to suck (dont judge me) but nah, I sure have to recommend it to you all.

So the reason why I think you should start taking the new Farm Pride Yoghurt:

  • the milk used (which is fresh though, don’t worry I’m bad like that) has a lot of benefits. Some include:
    • muscle building due to the presence of milk proteins; “casein and whey”.
    • muscle contraction, nerve transmission, cellular communication and circulatory health as milk supplies calcium and phosphorus.
    • fat metabolism
    • vitamins and minerals in fresh milk might help lower your risk of developing cardiovascular disease.
  • sucrose, another of its ingredient, is important for energy. It is the raw material for the body to form glucose, or blood sugar, which feeds the brain.
  • now the culture (Lactic Acid Bacteria (LAB) culture) used has a lot of benefits too, they are:
    • Inhibit pathogens, such as E. coli or Clostridium perfringens
    • Prevent diarrhea caused by (rota)virus or Salmonella
    • Reduce effects (or eliminates) Candida infection
    • Restore mucous lining of the “gut”
    • Stimulate immune system
    • Kidney stone development may be decreased by improving the “gut” flora because probiotic bacteria has been shown to neutralize oxalate, one of the risks for developing kidney stones. (California Dairy Research Foundation and Dairy and Food Culture Technologies)
    • Release vitamins, minerals and enzymes from foods, making them readily-available
    • Destroy wide-range of natural and synthetic toxins in raw foods
    • Increase defecation, reducing constipation
    • Break down sugars, starches and lactose for easier digestion
    • Pancreas, liver, kidney are less stressed
    • Help in the relief of anxiety and depression (enzymes play a huge role in gut-serotonin


What are the health benefits of lactic-acid bacteria (LAB) food?