My week starts with a call from Tamuno. She sounds excited, well I’m excited too. “Mirabel!” She screams from her end. If someone were listening, they’d think she just won a lottery. “T!” I scream back returning her excitement. “I’ve missed you”, she pronounces it as “milzed” I smile. Tamuno is four months older than … Continue reading WORD OF A RECLUSE 4



My entire week goes slow, each day seemed to crawl by in snail motion, I wish I had a time machine at some point, funny thing is I never in any of these days get a call from Desmond, not even a text to check on me; he is probably busy. The thing is I’m … Continue reading WORLD OF A RECLUSE 3


Eight months after my failed relationship with Segun, I start to put the pieces of my life’s puzzle and I’m still on the single train; I’m starting to get bothered now because I’m a little lonely, I miss Segun so much but he is married now with a child. It’s amazing how I can still … Continue reading WORLD OF A RECLUSE 2


Raised in a violent environment, they pressed on for survival. The insecurity within the family was taking a negative toll on them all but they suffered and smiled, hoping for the best but prepared for the worst daily, referees in their home they separated fights and suffered injuries. They didn’t mind, maami mustn’t get hurt, she … Continue reading WORLD OF A RECLUSE

Walking in another man’s shoes

I must admit the old saying "don't judge a man until you've walked a mile in his shoes" is right. You know, I'm what you can refer to as an extrovert or an open book as most my friends call me. But then I decided to be someone else, well I thought since I was … Continue reading Walking in another man’s shoes

Visibility and Reality

Sometimes, people often say that everything of man isn't all spiritual. They argue that there lies a link between the "spiritual-ness" and "physical-ness" only in a few numbers of things.  Everything of man has a source-GOD and this implies that, there is always a link or relationship between the "seen" and the "unseen"  According to … Continue reading Visibility and Reality

Things you need to know about nuts- Almond

Almond (Terminalia catappa Linn) Annongu reported the world production of almond fruits to be 0.7 million tonnes with Nigeria producing 0.1 million tonnes annually in 2005. There are two types of almond– the sweet variety which do not contain amygdalin and are widely used as edible nuts and food ingredients and bitter almonds commonly grown … Continue reading Things you need to know about nuts- Almond