DIY Pepper Spice

Microbes like humans always look for an environment to thrive irrespective of what it is, and foods have not been an exemption. Going through the refrigerator sometimes last week I was so shocked to see moulds already winning and dining on these beautiful peppers;"ball pepper and red pepper" (there has not been constant light supply, … Continue reading DIY Pepper Spice


DIY Rice Pap

I did it I did it I did it. **dancing** don't mind my photography #nonprofessionals Was supposed to give the how to make rice pap last week, but I din't want to give a copied one, so I did my own pap in a food scientist way. My Recipe 1 cup of rice Lots of … Continue reading DIY Rice Pap

Ways of Preserving Mango all year round

Mango fruit is that one fruit I know majority of Bowen students can die for. During mango season you'll see guys and ladies carrying buckets and poly bags, some even go to the extent of climbing the tree. I know of a lady that can go any mile just to get that sweet, succulent and juicy … Continue reading Ways of Preserving Mango all year round

DIY Rice Milk

Plant milks are becoming so popular that they are now used in place of cow milk. This is because they could be used for infant and adults with lactose intolerance as well as for vegetarian or others who like to consume dairy products free from cholesterol. Plant milk can be gotten from a lot of … Continue reading DIY Rice Milk